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Our expertise enables our clients to better utilize the information content of their data, minimize risk and make the best possible decisions.

Optimal fleet management and route planning. Our fleet and route planning software calculates for a fleet of vehicles and a set of destinations not only optimal routes but also an optimal assignment of vehicles to destinations

Online anomaly detection in timeseries. Our online machine learning algorithms adapt to model drifts over time and reliably detect anomalies in streams of data measurements in real time.

Optimal operation of water supply networks. A tailored mathematical optimization algorithm reduces the energy consumption of waterworks by up to 10%. This has been achieved by an MIP-based approach that substitutes pump usage by an intelligent management of tank filling levels.

Efficient and fair shift scheduling. Automatic generation of optimal shift schedules (who/when/where/what) leading to more steady load and job balancing among workers, improved employee satisfaction and more efficient utilization of the available staff.


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