• Planning of new networks (HFC, FTTx, twisted pair), selection of active and passive components, preparation of documents for tendering, costing, preparation of contracts, etc.
  • Planning of stand-alone solutions, headend interpretation etc.
  • Planning of networks in all network levels with AND, Smallworld, ArcGIS, or desired GIS-based planning software
  • Planning of networks to HFC-multimedia networks (1006 MHz, suitable for return path) / (DOCSIS 3.1)
  • Network optimization, optimization Handoverpoint
  • Activation and documentation of existing or upgraded networks using special measuring instruments
  • Documentation and acquisition of red pencil drawing using special GIS software


Our references:

Kabel NRW Rescheduling of levels 3 and 4 on 862 MHz, about 400,000 housing units

ISH NRW Documentation of Rotberichten with the planning tool Smallworld

ISH NRW Calibration of completed new building estates

KfGW Rescheduling of the network to a multimedia network 862 MHz, about 8000 housing units

HanseNet Planning fiber optic metropolitan area Hamburg

Bosch Telekom Rescheduling of the network to a multimedia 862 MHz network, about 12,000 residential units

Metro Media GmbH Planning fiber optic network route Berlin - Frankfurt 100 km

Siemens AG Planning entire local networks in Coax - Technology